Our Mission

The mission of The Balm In Gilead is to prevent diseases and improve the health status of people of African Descent by supporting faith institutions in areas of program design, implementation, and evaluation to strengthen their capacity to programmatically eliminate health disparities.

Upcoming Events

Dr. P. on the Pod

Dr. P. on the Pod is yet another powerful way Pernessa C. Seele extends the global reach of The Balm In Gilead – “Where Faith and Public Health Connect.”  As Founder & CEO of The Balm In Gilead, “Dr. P” has worked as an international force for more than 30 years establishing programs that strengthen the capacity of faith institutions throughout the United States and Africa. These faith-based programs promote health education, disease management and services that contribute to the elimination of human suffering.

Every Thursday, Dr. P on the Pod brings us engaging and impactful discussions on various topics about health, culture, religion and the arts.  Tune-in weekly to hear some of the nation’s leading experts and influencers on Dr. P on the Pod.

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