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Brain Health & Healthy Aging Forum – Chicago IL

Saturday, February 17th

Join the Balm In Gilead for A Brain Health & Healthy Aging Forum. This important forum is for persons fifty and older; and for those who love and care about them. This forum will provide information and tools for the development and maintenance of optimal mental, social and physical well-being and function in older adults. Lunch will be served.



Who We Are

The Balm In Gilead develops educational and training programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of African American and African congregations that strive to become community centers for health education and disease prevention.

The Balm In Gilead is known for its insightful understanding of religious cultures and values and extraordinary ability to build strong, trusted partnerships with faith communities. The Balm In Gilead has been entrusted to build the capacity of national faith structures to utilize their existing relationships to deliver comprehensive health services.

Webinar PowerPoint

Webinar Cover-Encouraging The Faith Community To Do It


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The Hill Op-Ed

Representatives from the Balm In Gilead, Inc., including members of the Conference of National Black Churches and other faith and community leaders serving African American populations, are meeting this week with members of Congress to address what has become a silent epidemic in communities nationwide.

More than three million Americans are estimated to be living with hepatitis C and as many as three-quarters of them do not know they are carrying the disease. Hepatitis C—a virus that attacks the liver—is the leading cause of liver cancer and is responsible for more deaths each year than HIV.