How Can My Congregation Participate

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1. Register your church now to let us know you are participating! REGISTER NOW

2. Make HIV awareness, compassion and action the highlight of your worship experience. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Using customized National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS Sunday Bulletins and Inserts
  • Showing your participation by hanging a national campaign banner in the front of your place of worship or inside the sanctuary
  • Making HIV education and compassion the focus of the morning and/or evening sermon
  • Praying for the healing of AIDS during altar call
  • Organizing a community wide candlelight and prayer vigil and/or a community HIV education and testing activity

3. Widely distributing HIV information to the congregation and community;

4. Promoting HIV testing by providing this direct service or partnering with your local health department or community health service agencies;

5. Consciously designing ways to show compassion and care to persons living with and affected by HIV.

Additional Ways to Participate:

  • Invite persons affected by HIV/AIDS to speak before the congregation about their experience for the purpose of educating and engaging others to take action in HIV prevention, treatment and compassionate care.
  • Invite persons who have been involved with HIV/AIDS issues and services to worship with your congregations.
  • Invite elected officials and civic leaders to worship with your congregation.
  • Distribute red ribbons, or other items, to your congregation to wear during the worship service and throughout the week.
  • Partner with your local Health Department or AIDS service organization to support the development and implementation of activities hosted by your congregation.
  • You can customize your activities during the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS to suit the specific unique traditions and culture of your faith community.