The Balm In Gilead is committed to a dynamic, community-driven approach that contributes to a lasting response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and a reduction in HIV prevalence in the US, Caribbean and Africa. The Balm In Gilead’s Faith-Based Community Mobilization Model guides faith institutions in becoming HIV prevention and service delivery centers. The 5-stage model aims to move faith communities through a series of stages in order to strengthen leadership, organizational and management capacity; enhance technical knowledge and skills; and improve communication and advocacy competencies. The Balm In Gilead provides technical support to faith and community based organizations through the utilization of its national mobilization initiatives: The National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS and Our Faith Lights the Way! HIV Testing Campaign.


Five-Stage Faith-Based Community Mobilization Model

  • 1. Create Awareness: The program facilitates increased awareness of the challenges facing the faith community;
  • 2. Engage Faith Institutions: Tools for program design, implementation, and evaluation are provided to faith institutions in order to support their commitment to developing an active response to the community health crisis;
  • 3. Capacity Development: Technical support (culturally appropriate education and training) is provided that will build the capacity of faith leaders to effectively address HIV/AIDS within their communities;
  • 4. Community Mobilization: Tools for community organizing and mobilization enable faith institutions to implement their own strategies; and
  • 5. Advocacy: Technical support is provided to local government authorities, local health facilities, and to faith institutions to support inclusion of faith leaders in the community planning process.