The Balm In Gilead is a National Capacity Building Assistance Provider for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention throughout the US and its territories.   As such, The Balm In Gilead provides training and technical assistance for CDC’s DEBI (Diffusion of Evidence-Based Interventions) projects and others. The Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBI) project was designed to bring science-based, community, group, and individual-level HIV prevention interventions to community-based service providers and state and local health departments. The goal is to enhance the capacity to implement effective interventions at the state and local levels, to reduce the spread of HIV and STDs, and to promote healthy behaviors.

The Balm In Gilead provides training and technical assistance for the following evidence-based interventions. Contact Ashley Ramsey at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 804-644-2256 for more information on EBIs.  CLICK: For More Information on Capacity Building Assistance Program.


WILLOW (Women Involved in Life Learning from Other Women) is a four 4-hour session’s small-group level social skill building intervention designed for HIV positive women 18-50 years of age. WILLOW emphasizes gender pride, informs women how to identify and maintain supportive social networks, teaches coping strategies to reduce life stressors, enhances awareness of STD transmission and HIV reinfection risk behaviors, teaches communication skills for negotiating safer sex, reinforces proper and consistent condom use, distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and defines types of abusive relationships and their effect on a woman's ability to negotiate safer sex practices. WLLOW is delivered by two trained facilitators’ one of which must be a peer living with HIV/AIDS.


SISTA (Sisters Informing Sister on Topics about AIDS) is a social-skill training intervention for African American women ages 18-29. It is aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior.

It is comprised of five 2-hour sessions, delivered by peer facilitators in a community-based setting.

The sessions are gender specific and culturally relevant and include behavioral skills practice, group discussions, lectures, roleplaying, prevention video viewing, and take-home exercises.


FOY (Focus On Youth with ImPACT) is an eight session group intervention that  provides youth 12-15 years of age, with the skill and knowledge to protect themselves from HIV and other STD’s. The intervention uses fun interactive games, role plays and discussion’s to convey prevention knowledge and skills.

FOY also has a small parent component called ImPACT (Informed Parents And Children Together) that assist parents in areas including parental monitoring and effective communication.


VOICES/VOCES (Video Opportunities for Innovative Condom Education & Safer Sex) is a group-level, 45 minute, single-session video-based intervention designed to increase condom use among men and women who visit STD clinics. A VOICES  session consist of 4-8 clinic patients, groups are gender-and ethnic specific, so that participants can develop prevention strategies appropriate for their culture. Information on HIV/STD risk behavior and condom use is delivered by viewing a culturally-specific video. Skills in condom use and negotiation are modeled in the videos, then role-played and practiced by participants during the facilitated group discussion that follows. A poster board is used to present features of various condom brands. At the end of the single, 45-minute session, participants are given samples of the types of condoms they have identified as best meeting their needs.


BODY & SOUL is an evidence-based wellness program developed for African American congregations and piloted by the National Cancer Institute, The American Cancer Society, and researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Emory University in Atlanta. Body & Soul promotes a healthy diet as a means for decreasing the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer among African Americans.  Faith institutions are trained to implement the Body & Soul program through an 8-hour workshop conducted by The Balm In Gilead.  Body & Soul links a healthy lifestyle to deeper spiritual values, inspirational talks, and testimonials from clergy and church leaders carry the Body & Soul message.  Church gatherings, activities, and workshops are used to encourage church members to lead healthier lives.  Body & Soul is designed to help address health disparities among African Americans.